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All Human.....

We are human all...
No super heroes,
Less angels and more demons
but human all.
To Take a brush an' comb hair
prepare for the day's care,
we do not want to turn into rags
beg mercy of others.
That which we love most, the lives we yearn
cost too much an too little gain.
This too shall come to pass, an' there might be a
mass for this tender thoughts.
Why do i do what i do?
Only they long deceased can say what life
afterlife truly is.
The sweat an' swath of men an' Lady
what is it all for?
I know there is no little matter on the
profoundness of this query,
or that it seeks that which profound.
Human nature, dreams an' ambitions
Clothes, jobs, livelihoods
companionship, competitiveness
Regards, pretenses, reserves.

What is all for?
A man breathes, attains a gait, it is he.
That couples may pass, an' we do not regard
T'is a friendship, t'is a conning
Days shall rise an' the sun shall peak
and the night will creep in as always.
There will be consistence an' resistance.
There will be growth or birth
an' there will be death to all above.

Designs of the contemporary world,
Aristotle would be astonished by all...
would he proceed to document us,
study us an' reveal our doom...
He is long gone an' long dead!
I am here now, do i feel wanted?
Indeed it is troubling to sit with me
ask me what i feel.
I know that i don't know much,
that life is appreciate for the little things
not the insignificant things
Than what else would you rather do
Surely not just sit an' drool.
I am all Human, which is true!

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...well said...... a 10 to this............thanks
A lucid poem with human. Beautiful.10 for it.
we're all human......................so in a simple plain words............lets be humane!