Give them my eyes so they may see the
beauty, and joy in each of these. Take my
hands, and know the hard work I have done,
may you not have to work hard, so you may
have fun. Take my heart, and handle it
with care, may you find the love that's
hidden there. In love and kindness I give
my heart, take this and use every part.
Take these feet, and put them to rest, they
have walk a many mile with the very best.
If you need one foot or two, take them both
I freely give them to you. Take my ears so
you may hear, take my mouth, so you may hear
what I have to say. Each part of my body
I freely give, and you do not have to pay-
Each part may be old and gray, maybe
I can help someone some way.

by Brenda Sue Lowe

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Take my heart, and handle, great line...........................