Body And Soul


Nationality is body;
Internationality is spirit.
With body and spirit we must move on;
As proper humans we must grow on.

You and I must become as we;
We must have human glee.
Why to have enmity as our identity?
Enmity should lose its identity
Let us try,
Let us try.

Let us tryfor amity;
Once we find that,
We can sing the humanity.

Nationality is heart;
Internationality is soul.
As we do have heart and soul,
We are here to have
Nationality and internationality.
Let us have them;
Let us thrive with them.

Nationality is living;
Internationality is life.
Let us have living;
Let us have life.

Comments about Body And Soul

Why to have enmity as our identity? Let us try for amity.. We can sing the humanity.... //.... It is nice to have open views and opinions about inter-personal relationships within a society as well as on international level. You have dealt with the subject through body and the soul. I appreciate these diplomatic musings. Thanks dear friend.

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