(February 5,1954 / Lauralton, NY)

Body Chemistry

There's such a small difference
Being alive and living.
Serotonin, acetylcholine, peptides
The Radio Free Human
Broadcasting within our borders.

The taste of copper in the mouth,
The adrenaline voice of hysteria,
Action, movement, defense, retreat.
The endorphins smile us back to joy and trembling,
Washing us in pleasures.

Perception, judgment...
Every day we're dancing by the no-light of the new moon.
Surprised at what we think we see.
Colors, shapes, feelings
We are legion.
Reflections of a shimmering light
Like the billion crystal suicides of snowfall
On a dark, not freezing night.
Chain reactions in the mad scientist's laboratory
That flows through the galaxy inside us.

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You got the poem I didn't write. Congratulations - it's good.
Wow there's a lot of genius in here; out of all the lines this has got to be one of my favorite ones; 'The Radio Free Human Broadcasting within our borders. We are so much more than the sum of just our parts; as broadcasts the amazing intricacies of the human body, in this mesmerizing piece.