MJC (1/27/92 / Edina, MN)

Body Language

Your touch
makes my skin tingle.
Why am I still
reacting this way?

My thoughts churn
with excitement
when you whisper
to me.
Nothing special is said,
but the wisps of
your breath on my neck
say otherwise.

My heart jumps
when your arms
clutch me tight.
I feel vulnerable
being this close;

you know what
I’m thinking,
have felt,
and have been through
just by my awkward,
but desperate,
body language.

My throat clenches
when you ask what’s wrong.
I breathe “nothing, ”
but my brain screams
Especially you and I.

The “what if’s”
haunt me,
the “why’s”
do too…

haven’t I had enough?

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