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Body Shock (The Joy Of On Again Off Again Chronic Pain)
JPC (09/12/1959 / Macon, Georgia)

Body Shock (The Joy Of On Again Off Again Chronic Pain)

Poem By Jeffrey Philip Clegg

I wake up for the third day in a row with
my body screaming in pain
The insides of my elbows and knees
feel stretched to the point of snapping
My eyes are as heavy as lead balls
They are open but
blind to joy
Every muscle in my body
aching flu-like

Medication does no good
Repressed emotions?
I have explored inner demons until
I am blue in the face
There is no relief until
sleep comes again

I have never discovered the source
I just know that it hurts like hell
I live in fear
it may happen again
when I wake up

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Comments (3)

Such despairing images, Jeff. I know people who suffer in just this way. Some of the line breaks feel a little awkward, but that would go along with the entire idea of the piece. Since there is no punctuation, maybe delet the question marks? Just a thought. Oh, and I love the title. The Joy of On Again Off Again...yes, I can see there would be joy when the pain is gone - even if for a little while.
painful imagery Jeff. Hope you aren't putting this one up because this is your life of late.
You actually made me feel the pain.