CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Body Talk

Body Talk

Light flickers, flashes
candlelight on flesh,
the hiss of a flame dance
in our silent conversation.

Your glance sparkles blue
my response in green
a gaze of soft curves
moving with each breath.

Firm nippled hardness
shines in light dance,
shadow fingers slide
downward, curving.

Arched silhouette
a slow burn yearns,
as trembling thighs part
to a glistened flower.

Shadows dance, flicker
on delicate petals
blooming open in
liquid desire.

Silence becomes touch
in the language of rhythm,
passion in Braille,
in flowing movement.

Gasped breath,
mumbled firm embrace,
indentations in skin,
whispered thrusts

repeated, again.
Quiet moans, pulsation,
splashing cries of
ecstatic silence.

Lips taste tongue and
tears write trails
on two faces in
the moment's afterglow.

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