I Only Asked For A Few…instead, He Gave Me You

Can’t think of a word nor a phrase to express and surmise…
Everything that is you; a gift, which, came as a big surprise
Just like a vision with a mission and a knight on a crusade
You came and dared cross a path feared even by the brave…

Well, it’s kinda arrogant of me to think you’ve no substance
But you got me interested though you kept me at a distance
Never did expect to find myself unable to control or resist,
The force unwittingly driving you nearer… as if to insist

That we are no greater than the power of chances & fate,
Serendipity does exist, and it does not matter however late
You see I may not be able to show what you mean to me…
Not in so many words, but I’ll try if it’ll make you happy

There is not a word to explain how you can make me smile,
None that’s painless, but you make laughing worthwhile
As well as you show how simple can be out of the ordinary,
That optimism is a virtue and I need not be always contrary

Although I thought you are more of the inevitable typecast,
It’s amazingly uncanny to find out we’re both an outcast…
Two of a kind we truly are, renegades of a reproachful norm
Yet sometimes we’re opposites, in so many means and forms

We often agree to disagree, but found a link second to none
Truly uncalled for, illicit yet precious in more ways than one
Once you reminded me I spoke about how it was all wrong,
Still willfully dancing to the rhythm of an unknown song

A pleasant music; it can be either destructive or addictive,
To submit would be foolishness, and nonetheless vindictive
But who could resist kindness from an angel without wings?
Who gave solace a dreamlike tune with memories so lasting?

Unsure you may be, of a bond with someone I’ve always had,
A notion in your head you’re a plaything, thus make me mad
Unbelievable… and odd it may seem but I’ll tell you anyway
I could just lie about it, say it’s true yet you can’t be swayed

A thing I’m most scared, because you can see through the wall
More or less hear my thoughts & respond to even a hushed call
Just about identical, my accidental guardian & my Peter Pan,
Both equally exceptional, though he’s my boy & you’re my man

He taught me I could be as vast and powerful as the sun,
Whereas you said I’m bright enough as I am and just as fun
He tells me to fight back, be brave, & pick myself up if I trip
Yet I’ve learned it’s okay If I fall, & it won’t hurt to weep

You taught me courage is not about smiling when in pain…
You had me believe there’s always a rainbow after the rain
As hard as the trials may be you’re there to hold my hand,
Still tell me I’m the best, despite losing I’ll help you stand

Because you believe in me however stuck up I could be
Difficult indeed to try to hide behind the mask you see,
Everything I hate is in you; making weakness a reality
You had me think less of the ‘I’, and learned there’s ‘we’

He may be me if I was a guy; one and the same, so I guess
We are too; though you’re one who’d keep me off the mess
He’ll always be one of my allies, to share tears & laughter,
So will you; even if I get hurt, it still is a pleasant blunder

See he never went as far as you did up to this very moment
Like a brother he’ll be watching over, with not one comment
Although he’d fret should I suffer as I run with a crazy flow,
Yet cheer me on despite right or wrong, now that’s my alter ego

There are things I’ve grown to like coming from deep within,
With my pal it’s like seeing and hearing the opposite twin…
While with you, both the child and the grown-up thus show
No protests at all, you’re willing to step back so I can follow

Don’t worry I won’t forget everything I promised, I swear,
Though sometimes you don’t trust me, I got a word to spare
Too many oaths to keep…A little cumbersome for me to do,
I know you want to take care of me, and I’d want you too

Would you be saddened if ever I screw up at a given time?
Would you care to see or hear what I’ll say & have in mind?
Deep inside I know you will, that you’re willing to forgive
Not saying that I would, I may or may not forget to believe

Hope you care to bother; it’s just that you can’t stay forever
So even if I sink at least I have learned to swim thereafter…
But of course you’ll always be the wing that breaks my fall
Someone like a fortress with hopes and dreams just as tall

Sooner or later we’ll take separate ways, you know that’s true
There is one thing I can promise; one I can keep just for you…
I’ll miss every moment & always think of hugging you real tight
You’re always with me like the wind granting my wings flight…

Though I may not feel again the kisses & your skin next to mine
The warmth of the sun will always remind me how it felt divine
I could learn how to be brave in spite of the warnings and all…
I won’t change a thing or you, even if it’s my greatest downfall

Rather unusual thinking I have no wish to force you to stay,
Always assumed we must leave it as it is, as there may be a day,
A possibility to see if memories were worth the time to treasure,
Perhaps soon our paths will once more cross, however obscure

Kept wishing for a few, had everything I want; yet I’ve no clue
Can’t tell too much from enough; it made sense when I got you
And I’ll be forever grateful, I never asked for this yet you came,
Can’t ask for more; even if you go, you’re a blessing just the same

by B3k Baylon

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