(Dec 29 / Toronto)

Boeing And Tanker

Boeing and tanker

Will remain as have been
-in sorrows, good feelings
-of people whom have seen
-from out, from in…
-with my head, each heart beat…

There was born
-crawled, roamed
-learned to roar…

Open were windows, doors
-with smiles, caring-hugs
-cold water when hot and
-warmed me heat if was cold.

Loved them all
Love them all
Shall always.

Are my root; my blood.
Are my root; my blood.
Are my root; my blood.

Did and will forever
-distance me of power
-all of them corrupted
-Shah's time and mullahs'!
-All are thieves and steal
-of nation; appear, pretend:
- "Give life, are devoted…"

Those bastards!
These bastards!
Use daggers and scissors
Stab backs and censor! ! !

Untold was Boeing that
-fell, crashed in Spain!

Untold was oil Tanker
-till came on BBC, VOA!

by Nassy Fesharaki

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