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A Town without a cricket or a football club
By the far away hills known as Boherascrub
But the two pubs there business-wise doing okay
More to life than cricket and footy it does seem this way

The pubs full to capacity on Saturday night
And scarce notice taken of a drunken fight
Where the town's three policemen as drunk as can be
Of what's going on around them pretend not to see

But in Boherascrub never an all in brawl
Just the odd drunken scuffle little else to recall
In the ways of entertainment where every adult drinks beer
The town's number one pleasure the glass of liquid cheer

No artists or writers in Boherascrub Town
Where to be known as a good drinker of alcohol is one's claim to renown
Where the women like the men enjoy their liquid alcohol fill
And leave most of their week's wages in the publican's till

A Town by the far away mountains not to anywhere near
Of legends of sports from there you will not hear
Known as Boherascrub where on saturday night
The only excitement is the brief drunken fight.

by Francis Duggan

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