Boiling In My Own Blood

Each day I grow more insane
consumed by the shadows of death
I wonder if life has meaning
beyond the dreams found in books

I hear the silence of the darkness
as the storm clouds engulf my past
will I ever be the person I once was
or has my insanity doomed me to the shadows

Pretending everything is alright
sometimes gets me through the day unscathed
but for most days I feel like drowning
in a sea of my own boiling blood

I touch the face that reflects
in the mirror on the table
I know not if it is mine
or a shadow of my insanity

I cry oceans of crystal tears
and worry that I will keep cutting
deeper into my self-control
that is lost to my pain

I know that no one cares
that death is friend that calls me
I dream of understanding and faith
as I try to stop the burgeoning blows

I had hoped to one day smile again
but I know it will not ever be
for I am more than morbidly insane
and consumed by the shadows of the night

by Lyn FromCT

Comments (1)

A heart touching melancholy poem! Your Muse will not let you drown in the sea of your boiling blood. Your longing for the past healthy, happy life may be blessed by God! The readers like me await more rains of human sorrow from you. You are an wonderful poet!