Bojo The Clown

“Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls,
Young and old, children of all ages. Step
Right up, and see all the wonders of the
3-ring circus. You will see things in which
You have never seen before…and probably
Never will again.

I would like to direct you attention
To the center-ring. For our star attraction,
The king of laughter! Bojo the Clown! ”

Hurry and grab your seat the show is about to start
Hiding behind a mask His soul is really dark
No one has ever seen his face the smile over the frown
A wanted man on the run hiding never to be found

Bojo the clown
Hiding never to be found
Bojo the clown

Don’t try and understand him He is always deranged
Even though he’ll make you laugh He is really insane
In every town the circus goes A dead child is always found
A piece of candy in its hand and make-up all around

Bojo the clown
They are hunting you down
Bojo the clown

“Let’s give him a big round of applause
Ladies and gentlemen the king of
Laughter. Bojo the clown-what’s this?
You say you got one more thing to do before
You go? Well what do you have in your bag
There Bojo? - Uh-oh he’s got a water gun!
You got two of them? Well you better
Watch out ladies and gentlemen, because
You just might get…
…. All wet! ”

A lot of bloodshed fell on the day
When Bojo went down
They finally caught up with him
In this little Indiana town

That last little girl had lived
He knew that he’d been found
He killed 43 people on that day
Before they-finally brought him down

Bojo the clown
They finally brought you down
Bojo the clown
They finally gunned him down
Bojo the clown, Bojo the clown
Bojo - the clown

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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