Bold New Life.

A move next door for some
May be as bold as a move to
Antartica for others.
Eating pork may be as foreign
As eating your words for
Your neighbour lost in temper
A Friend of mine a doctor
Went home and died in his sleep
Whilst his father
Lived through two wars and
Terrible bloody woundings….
I am about to make a move
Just a few metres
Down my street leaving
Thirty years of memories
Leaving new residents to start theirs
Can you cook us a farewell dinner,
My daughter asked quietly,
Sure baby I replied my pleasure
Tonight I have one on my own
And I watch and talk
To the many ghosts of my past
In this peaceful quiet place
That has kept me safe
They sit and tell me
A few metres can be
A lifetime of steps
It is after all a
Different dimension
A different world
Different like life to death
So close, yet so far
A bold new life

by Geoffrey Fafard

Comments (2)

Making a few meters move in life still matters as every step of life is very important. This is an amazing poem very neatly and wisely penned and shared....10
Watching and talking to the ghosts of your past, a wonderful thing to do, Geoffrey.