Our town
Full of laughter
Full of joy
Full of happiness
Full of life, it was.

In a flash of seconds,

Our town
Full of cries
Full of misery
Full of sympathy
And as silent as glass, now.
No one to be seen walkin'
No houses or trees standin'
Except the miraculous, little church
Standing tall, proud and lonely.

by Arsiema Berhane

Comments (7)

This is a powerful poem, Moyax
A tender piece that can be viewed as reportage poetry or as a comment on how faith can withstand the most extreme attack. James Connelly once said 'They can kill the revolutionary but they can't kill the revolution'. This work brought that to my mind.
you are a wonderful writer, I'm proud to be on the same site. Bomaraded is great.
Perfectly scribed and heartfully touched but also, an unfortunte insight for the reader to learn that, you have lived thru this.
This poem highlights the suddenness of tragedy.
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