Bombing Without Mercy

Poem By Salma Said

When America bombed Hiroshima our city,
Three days later without pity,
They bombed Nagasaki and ruined the city.
Killed at least 200,000 people.

It was a normal day.
We were all going either to work, or school.
That day, I was very excited because
I was chosen to be 'it' for hide and seek.
I was counting down, when I saw
A big ball of light that came out of the sky.
It was getting larger and brighter.
Warmer and louder.
And all of a sudden,
Boom! ! !
I felt like I was falling…….
The school building was crashing under my feet.
I heard kids crying,
And I felt pain and blood all over my body.
I felt somebody carrying me.
A soldier………
He carried me to a safe place,
Where I could be healed.
But, there wasn't really any safe place.
Being carried around,
I saw dead bodies all around me,
Burned to ashes.
Those who were still alive,
Were screaming for help.
And more…….screaming from pain.
I saw a mother who was trying to help her kid.
The kid was screaming his throat out for his mother.
'Mom, Help me….. Mom where are you'
The fire was eating him without mercy.
Not able to help him,
His mother cried and said
'Sorry…..I am so sorry. I am a bad mother'………

The city that was 15 minutes ago full of life.
Was now full of nothing but ashes and a RED ocean.
You couldn't recognize people anymore,
Nor buildings.
Those who were still alive were wishing to die.
They were hungry and thirsty.
And they were ALL in pain.
Yet, there wasn't really any body to help them,
Nor any food or water to drink and eat.

After about 6 hours,
It started to rain.
The rain was as dark as the dead bodies,
But nobody cared.
They were so happy that they finally found water.
They didn't know it contains acid.
Moreover, they didn't care.
They drank and drank.
And people started to get poisoned,
And died.

August 1945.
When my people lost their life.
A day that can't be forgotten.
Nor can have another discussion.
August 6,1945.
When America bombed Hiroshima our city.
Three days later without pity,
They bombed Nagasaki and ruined the city.
Killed at least 200,000 people,
And ended the war.
With a big smile and a party,
More with no heart.

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