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Bombs In The Outback
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Bombs In The Outback

In the town of Oodnadatta
and the one called Paramatta
live the weirdest little guys
two inch short are shins and thighs
heads of supersize proportions
spinal columns with distortions
eyes are crossed, all hair is green
facial features set to mean
spittle falling on the fingers
and an odour that still lingers.
No one asks what happened here
are they silent out of fear?
Let me quickly give the answer
all these people suffer cancer
when the Brits that time exploded
bombs the people's health eroded
gone was genuine DNA
and the people have to pay.
Have they learned from their mistakes
no, they are doing what it takes
to re-create some old disasters
praised and directed by their masters
you ask if there is some dissension
oh no, it means they get no pension.

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