Bon Appetit

My starving brain must feed
So I'm compelled to read
On the food of words it's keen
Be it book, newspaper or magazine.
Glimpsed unread words are caught in minds synthesiser
Becoming an instant appetiser
World news and events from any source
Are always hailed as the main course
With numerous tempting side dishes of books by the score
Including history, drama, fiction and lots more
And of course for the fruit of the vine
The classics of poetry make the headiest wine
Wit, humour, and speculation are for dessert
Especially when accompanied by pictures of handsome men and ladies pert
For flavouring and spice there's the gossip columns fiction or fact
And even some totally lacking in tact
The meals perfectly finished off by lively discussion
Which exercises the brain in stimulating percussion.

by Annie Doherty

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