A mother looked into the eyes of her new born babe,
She smiled as she cried at the happiness it gave.
She talked to the child in a quiet tone,
and promised she wouldn't desert, or leave him alone.
She said, "You'll know love that you won't believe!
When you fall down, I'll pick you up with a hug and squeeze.
I know you don't understand what I'm telling you now,
I'll remember it later on, what I told you, I vow!"
So my darling go to sleep, don't you fret,
Daddy's coming to see you - he has not seen you yet.
Men are funny - he'll even be afraid to pick you up!
He'll bring you a football and a great big truck!
He'll say; I might drop him, I'm sure I might.
In a few months you'll smile and show your first baby tooth,
and Daddy will say, "Look Mommy, ain't that a hoot?"

by Mildred Ruton

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