Bondless Truth

When truth becomes passion
it becomes bondless, breaks all walls
becomes fearless why not has to cross
the path of fire; bondless truth
touches the spiritual impact,
bondless truth touches the bottom of life,
subsequently from bottom to peak of sky.

Rare example does history withess
person dying for passion of truth

Passion of truth made Emperor Harischandra
from emperor to slave of scavanger
being a slave of scavanger, did not permit
even his wife for funeral of his son
without paying fees of the burning ghat
oh the God! what the hell did you made with Tara (wife of Harishchandra)
waiting on the door of burning ghat
with the corpse of her son
for cremation of his son's body
when she is pennyless to fulfill the law
when her husband is the keeper of burning ghat

Ah! the law is disdaining, the Daniel
had to bow her head before passion of truth
Tara tore half of her saree, paid the remuneration of burning ghat
seeing the situation sky could not tolerate
thundered a loud, rained the flower
God had to return back the life of son
being pleased with passion of truth
door of heaven was opened for Emperor.

by ramesh rai

Comments (2)

Truth is the most powerful weapon of all, it rises like the sun bringing light to the world, truth can't be hidden it will rise like the sun to show reality as the sky of lies retreat falling into the waiting ocean. Beautiful write!
You brought the power of truth to life so beautifully by citing examples from great epics. This is philosophy made simple to comprehend. Thank you.