Poem By Ruth Walters

The toe bone's connected to
lush grass, early mornings, bird song

The heel bone's connected to you,
how you look when you're ahead

The foot bone's connected to determination,
how you keep going when all is crumbling

The leg bone's connected to your fears,
your wobbles, how you need support

The knee bone's connected to your knee jerk
reactions to this crazy world

The thigh bone's connected to your inner strength
that helps you take control

The back-bone's connected to work,
hard work, hard work, sheer hard work

The neck bone's connected to anguish
a shattered life, struggles, tears, pain.

The head bone's connected to suffering,
the way you look when you're distraught.

The neck bone's connected to perception,
the world, its selfishness, its unfairness

The back bone's connected to the wall,
the wall I keep my back to, it's safe.

I have no backbone or I would have stood up to her, to him, to them,
conquered their silences, carried on.....

The thigh bone's connected to
the way you get up every time you're knocked down _

the soldier who took the bullet, crawled to save his comrades,
the child who called for help to save its mother

The knee bone's always connected to reactions,
decisions, needs, your needs, my needs…

The foot bone's connected to running,
running away, I want to run and hide

my toes twist beneath my feet, connecting with hard concrete and pain, my world's crumbling but I'm on my feet again.

My foot bone's powerful, leads from the front,
lets me fight another day, my foot bone's survival,

connected to life, lush grass, summer, early mornings, bird song
forests, the sky, the trees, freedom………

Comments about Bones

A poignant bit of verse. An insightful depiction of the interrelatedness of reality written with clarity of thought and mind. A beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing, Ruth.
i've been thinking of what to say to this poem. it is not my cup of tea, bones or no bones. i shall visit another (poem) . bri :) but i STILL like YOU!
Very inspirational. There is always connection somewhere that keeps us going. Great!
I loved the way this inspirational poem danced along in my head to the tune of Dem Bones. My favourite line is: 'my toes twist beneath my feet, connecting with hard concrete and pain, my world's crumbling but I'm on my feet again.' You've delivered some powerful messages: - Connect with nature and be free - stand firm when everything is crumbling around you - get up every time you're knocked down - we all have fears and suffering
I was waiting for my favourite the funny bone to make an appearance, or the opportunities wish bone, but at least the lazy bone was left out :) nice lines :)

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