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Premontion On A Rooftop
Dónall Dempsey (15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Premontion On A Rooftop

As i sit peacefully on my rooftop looking at the heavens above,
the warmth Droplets of tears from the velvet skies burns my skin,
as i look at droplets upon my skin i see agony and blasphemy,
agony which dwell wretchedness in my pass melts with disgrace,
as i start to embrace these burdens upon my arm i weep in his name,
this abnormal grief i carry is incapable to deaden its like a phase,
this reign of of sorrowness compells strain as i praise in faithful ways,
unable to steer these momentous premontion of the ends of days,
faith is the only heir which we shall titled upon our lord and savior name.

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haha who is this little mite who is bonkers about conkers.....I think I heard baking them in the oven makes them tougher.... Ruthie: o)