HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)

Bonnie And Clyde

This is a poem about Bonnie and Clyde,
they had places to run too, but nowhere too hide,
both came from a poor and needy past,
the life that they chose, just couldn't last,
for a few short years they lived on that ride,
got caught in an ambush and both of them died,
this is how it all started, just how it began,
all of the details down to the last man,
Bonnie was married when she was sixteen,
to an immature man, she should never have seen,
just married a year when he landed behind bars,
Bonnie then worked in cafes, never going too far,
she loved to dress up, and it kept her broke
her passion for red dresses, became a family joke
then along came Clyde with his big dreams,
on the wrong side of the law, no more bacon and beans,
they formed up a gang, that killed, robbed and stole,
all over the southwest, and banks was their goal,
one night while parked, two cops stopped to give aid,
both of them were shot and died where they laid,
from that moment on they were on the run,
they lived and they died by the law of the gun,
Clyde stole autos, then changed the plate,
so the cops wouldn't find them until it was too late,
with their two thugs, Hamilton and Fultz, they went on a spree,
their robbing, killing and running, they done so with glee,
then one afternoon at a fair dance, they stopped for a rest,
a off duty cop spotted one of the thugs who thought it best,
to take off on a run, while Bonnie and Clyde drove away quick,
left their pal behind and thought they were slick,
then on May 23.1934, it all came to an end,
while caught in an ambush set up by a friend,
Clyde and Bonnie were both killed in the mess,
and pretty young Bonnie, was wearing a bright red dress.

written by Harry Bryant
10/14/04 11: 45: 30 AM ©
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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