Boo Hoo! ! ! !

Cry, cry, cry….I cry all day
To anyone that will listen
I think that someone has to pay
For my untimely misfortune

Someone or something took all my poems
I don’t know where they went to
I was drinking one night in my home
And the next thing I knew away they blew

At least I think that’s what happened
I don’t really quite remember
I was so intoxicated, it was like I was slapping
My face till it was a bright shade of amber

I tried to contact the site
But they ignored my pleas
I guess they had their delight
At the expense of poor old me! ! !
BOO HOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by A.M. James

Comments (2)

Yeah, this is a fine piece of juvenile crap, an outstanding example of the type.. if that's your bag, then you should lap this up, stick it in your favourites box for ongoing nourishment, just in case of course this poet of standing is lucky enough to have her quality works deleted... for the lessons that can be learned in suffering with others...Oh by the way.... the unfortunate poet is actually a proper poet... she writes quality poetry... and as well as losing over 300 poems also lost getting on for 1000 comments, perhaps more... Now, I do think that was worth making a noise about, especially when it was likely that her loss occurred at the hands of some pea brain who thought it was funny.. or who was so irritated by it or through jealousy., .motives similar to that which drove the writer to pen this drivel... ye gods.. and that someone should praise it, or score it above 1... If you have issues with statements made in the forum, why not do the simple and honest thing.. express yourself honestly on the matter - in the forum... But, of course my suggestion will be seen as incredibly whiney too...and lacking in sense or sympathy... but you'll be so tough it won't bother you one whit... keep writing.. perhaps your other work is free of this...
I can almost guess by this for whom you speak of...and yeah I was getting sick of the whining too..I was about ready to write her and ask her if she wanted some cheese! RS