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(book # 6) : Sheila And Clifford: Back In The States ….. [very Long; Ongoing New Romance; Sequel To Books 1-5; Fiction]
(some time ago / Earth, i believe)

(book # 6) : Sheila And Clifford: Back In The States ….. [very Long; Ongoing New Romance; Sequel To Books 1-5; Fiction]

Poem By Bri Edwards

Chapter 28

[Sheila speaks]:
Back in the States, back in New York, back at the "grind".
But I really liked my job; one better for me, I might never find.
And I wasn't looking for one, BUT it'd been nice to have a breather, ….
a break from routine. And finding Cliff, down there, wasn't bad either!

I'd wondered, on my way back, if I'd really miss …… him,
and found I really DID. It hadn't been a fling OR a whim.

[Cliff speaks]:
I called Sheila's phone, on my way to see my aunt and a bird.
I left a message on her answering machine. "Love" was my key word.
The next evening, from my motel, I called and got connected.
Just listening to Sheila's voice as we chatted, caused my "guy" to become "erected".

Sheila told me how she missed me and how wet ….she was getting.
I closed my eyes and envisioned Sheila in bed, her free hand her pussy petting.
She claimed she'd never had phone sex before; it really didn't matter.
Before long my guy couldn't wait and (on a tissue) "he" did splatter.

I told her what had happened and how I longed to be with her, ……
to hold her tight, to suck her FIRM breasts, and stroke her pubic fur.
When I said THAT, she lost control; her gasps became a …. prolonged moooan.
Then, abruptly, she giggled, and said "I'm all GOOEY now. Bye. Don't forget to phone! "

[Sheila speaks, again]:
It was TRUE I'd never had "phone sex", but Play Girl I had read.
When I was mostly working and not dating, I kept men's photos near my bed.
[[My Mom caught me masturbating once …. when I was a teen. "GOD! " ….
SHE SCREAMED. But she didn't tell my Dad. She wasn't quite THAT mean.

The next day she gave me the long-overdue Mom-daughter "talk".
It was kind of like giving me my first pair of shoes, AFTER I'd learned to walk.
I was fifteen, for God's sake, and though I'd not yet let a boy "touch me",
I had been kissed, and had kissed back. Back then the "word" was "Love (Free) ".]]

Chapter 29

[Sheila speaks]:
I hadn't told Cliff yet that when we met I paid to live back home.
I mean in my parents' house in Brooklyn. Never far from them did I roam ….
except to vacation. BUT I did have my own "apartment" there ….
(with a separate entrance) . Often the four of us, a meal would share.

It's true I never had sleepovers there with men,
but Mom and Dad did not worry (much) if I slept "out", now and then.
They were not really prudes; with four kids, how could they be?
I said "four of us" ate together, including Fred, the "slow"-one of my siblings (3) .

Fred was mentally retarded and needed Mom as caretaker.
I heard that when he was diagnosed, the news was a heart-breaker,
BUT Mom and Dad always did for Fred whatever they could do.
It was a triumph, when, at age of ten, Fred learned to tie his shoe.

Five days a week he attended a day program (Day Care) ,
where he and other mentally-disabled had activities which they did share.
And every few months Fred went to a "respite home" for a week;
that gave Mom and Dad the break from Fred they sometimes did seek.

[Cliff speaks]:
Sheila Gold was her name, the latter name the same as her hair.
Her dad, Sol (Solomon) , had Swiss Jewish roots; her mom's name was Claire.
Claire was French/Scottish by birth, perhaps with a bit of Dutch.
Claire grew up Catholic, but neither parent cared for religion very much.

My last name is Sexton. My parents were Bob and Jill.
They said they were both descended from Pilgrims. I didn't believe them, and I never will.
I was raised Lutheran. As a youth, my prayers, to Heaven, I'd send,
but though I still believe in God, I think religion often does, logic, bend.

I never really was able to pin down Sheila on religion.
She didn't seem to want to discuss it; not even a smidgeon.
That was no big deal to me. Politics was a no-go topic too.
I think she may have voted at times, but, for sure, I never knew.

I was a little shocked to find she lived with "Mom and Dad",
but it made things easier later, for which we both were glad.

Chapter 30

[Sheila speaks]:
It was 1990 when we met. [Who'd ever heard of Iraq? ! ]
Cliff called from his aunt's; I'd returned to work; I wanted Clifford back!
Back, close to me, though the drive to Darien CT was still fifty LONG miles.
I longed to smother him with kisses, and (perhaps) even some smiles.

[Cliff speaks]:
Visiting an aunt and cousins, and watching birds ……was OK,
but my mind kept returning to Sheila, and our days of play.
AND our future together. Yes, I'd started to form a plan,
knowing full well that a woman like Sheila could subjugate most any man.

[[I wished I had parents, or at least siblings, to tell about my find.
But my aunt (and uncle) listened to my "boasting"; they were very kind.]]

[Sheila speaks, again]:

Unlike Cliff, I had close family with which to share my exciting news,
but at first I kept my mouth shut; another time I'd choose.
At the office I was "boss" again; at home I was the "unmarried female child".
I think both Mom and Dad suspected …. that my vacations were quite wild.

I had started plans also for my hoped-for-future-with-one-man.
I'd never thought of myself as a wife and mom, but I began to think "I can".
Was I rushing things? Would Cliff and I pick up where we'd left off?
OR, would we both "get over it" ….., like getting over a cough?

[Cliff speaks, again]:

Another five days and I was back in dear old Connecticut.
Back to my ‘adequate bachelor pad'. Back to work. BUT ….
we'd talked, at least briefly each day, ever since our parting,
and, though vacation had ended, it felt, for ME, like life …..was STARTING.

Chapter 31

[Sheila speaks]:

I basically invited myself to visit Darien after Cliff'd been back a week.
Saturday morning I packed ‘naughty panties' and from The City I did ‘sneak'.
I'd have to drive back Sunday night, but I dared not wait ANOTHER week.
Phoning daily was nice for a while, but I wanted MORE than tele-speak!

[Cliff speaks]:

I'd worked some on my book in Texas, at least some in my mind,
but birds, phone calls, and relatives kept me busy, I did find.
Back one week in Darien, I put 20 hours in at my bank job.
I also cleaned and straightened my home, not wanting Sheila to think me a slob.

[Sheila speaks, again]:

Cliff could never be a slob, no matter how he'd try.
He welcomed me that weekend …. with a gift that made me cry.
At the game arcade in the Bahamas we'd used a photo booth;
he'd had 5"x7" enlargements framed, and written a poem entitled "The Truth":

The Truth

With Sheila Gold I've struck it rich like the California 49ers,
but MY treasure is your body and soul, not the metal found by miners.
The telephone is well and good when we must be apart ……………., but
you're welcome always in my home, as you're always welcome in my heart.

Here's a little gift for you; I've got another for myself.
A photo of us from the Bahamas, to keep on table, desk, or shelf.
I hope someday I'll see you each day, and NOT just in a frame,
and both of us will feel we are winners ………… in a dating game.

Love, Cliff XOX

[Cliff speaks, again]:

So Sheila stayed with me 29 hours; not that I was counting!
Within the first hour we released sex stresses which, for both, had been mounting.
I'd told her the restaurant choices, and said "Sheila, tell me when",
to which she said "I'm not hungry, except for YOU! Let's do "IT" again! "

Being a good host (I hope) , I complied with her simple request.
She kept me busy another twenty minutes, before she let me rest.
Then we lay entwined upon my bed, our heartbeats winding down ….
…until all I heard in the room was my dear Sheila's purring sound.

Chapter 32

[Sheila speaks]:

It's true, I'd really fallen asleep, inside Clifford's arms.
The poor guy needed to pee but feared he'd …set off alarms.
Finally he could wait no longer. He kissed me lightly and arose.
I opened up my sleepy eyes to see him naked from head to toes.

After we showered and dressed, he gave me the "home tour".
He said, with a wink, "Only five women have been here." Then he added "maybe fewer".
He had a set of library shelves in a den, filled with scores of books.
He proudly showed me the whole place, even the "crannies and the nooks".

We dined on Italian for supper and toasted each other with wine.
We both fell asleep easily that first Darien night, and slept just fine.
Sunday Cliff showed me Darien, including his childhood home,
the high school, "his bank", and woods where he, for birds, did roam.

I found some shops to browse in, while he tagged along;
I bought a string bikini, but I did not buy a thong.
We had an early supper; steak and seafood was the fare.
TOO soon it was time for me to leave. TOO little time we did share.

(January 2015)

[to be continued in "(Book # 7) : Sheila And Clifford: GETTING BETTER ACQUAINTED", beginning with chapter 33]

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While the word coffee doesn't make an appearance, its presence is felt. That word Grind right at the end of the first line....It just reaches out and slaps you across the face....just like the most famous scene in the Big Heat. With the family histories, the epic advances....more anon!
Never seen a boy ape tit. Rattling good start to the second Section of your Story. not been to Brooklyn so never shagged Sheila. Might be part Aussie. All Aussie girls called Sheila and men Bruce! Tom
OH! It was THAT Sheila... from Brooklyn... on East 13th Street near Kings Highway! Why didn't you say so at the beginning of this tale? I knew her long before Clifford met her, and thought that she was... well, never mind!
An epic! My goodness, where do you find the time? Me likes! !
OOPS! TWO TYPOS [actually one typo and one misspelling] I meant bon appetit! at the end of my Poet's note. must have been a Freudian slip up, and a lack of French classes in high school. i'll leave it and see if anyone comments. it could have been 'boy ape tit'.