Book Of Days

Your life is as a book
Written on the pages are the weeks
For you would give anything to take just one look
Into the next chapter, the next page

Each page is a new thought, a new dream
Sometimes it takes so long to pass that page
And sometimes nothing is as it seams
For you know you can not go ahead or back

You know you are where you are
You know you can't change that
As you read page to page, so near to fear
You write the chapters as you go, with each turn

Each turn, each move changes what's to come
And you know each moment could be the last
With this in mind you go so mumb
So numb to the touch, to the thought

You turn page after page
until you reach the 'end'
And only then, you are freed from the title
The title that has kept your thoughts bound, and tight

You turn the pages one by one
You take the pain, take the joy
Until you are done
And your story becomes another on the shelf of eternity


by Bethany Maxwell

Comments (2)

so deep for someone so young. you have talent and this was a great idea...
It appears as if you have some leanings toward philosophy. That's what this was. There was no narrowing of life here, but an expansion of it. Rare in a poetess more rare in mankind. GW62