Book Of Faces

and you are the most depressing thing of this time.
I think it is about me,
but I am stuck staring at you.

The Feed consumes me as I feed on it.
It just brings me down, scrolling till the end
finding no one there.
It's tragic because I start back to top
as soon as I reach its bottom end.

you show me how to live,
how to love,
how to cook,
how to have friends,
how to laugh
how to build,
to fix,

You tell me what is happening,
what are in peoples' mind.
I'm in their happiness,
in their sadness,
in their desires, hopes and wishes.
I'm in their prayers, in their thoughts.
In their feelings
in their consciousness I am there.

In a moments tap, they are here.
Next to me, right there, somehow touching
somehow sharing With me, I am briefly here.
We have connected through veins unseen, untouched and unfamiliar.

and yet, you are the most depressing thing about this time.

by William Park

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