Book Of Life

This is the Book of your life
Read it with your heart's eyes
page after page it's laid before you
what happened to your desires?
Take a closer look,
Remember those times,
when this is what you used to tell her,
'You're my heart, you're my soul
you're my breath, you're my hope'.
This was the daily recital a gage that you enjoyed to do.
You aren't the one to be blamed
For she was a liar who played a game with you.
How clearly you thought you knew! ! ! ! !
Now; Look at the things Other Wise
Don't fall apart if you come to realize,
Of the love that you failed to recognize
She was neither a shadow nor was she a dream
her love for you was pure and true,
You were an essential part of her being.
Alas! Alas!
You let uncertainties and
misgivings take over and cloud your mind
pushing her far away from you.
But now it's too late
For you 're the one responsible for
the precipitations of your own demise.

by Faeza gilani

Comments (3)

almost vivid hues... mostly blues.... though done justice to the theme and very well done lines... write a lot but suffice... very nice cheers and ten
very well composed......
very well composed......