Book Of Proverbs

I am reading the Book of Proverbs again,
Finally those scriptures are beginning to sink in,
Godly wisdom and knowledge together will sing,
The greater insight and understanding it brings.

For without these tools how can we comprehend?
Thoughts that travel through the minds of men,
Before we get started let us understand the beginning,
So there’s less of a chance for an unhappy ending.

It is impossible to ever get anything by Me because,
Long before you were thrown into existence there I was,
Yes, Wisdom, I am your King and Knowledge is my Queen,
There is none greater before or after & nothing in between.

Many of you will call upon Me but I will not reply,
Bowing down in times of trouble with tears in the eyes,
Because you hated knowledge and did not choose,
To be reverent & worshipful of the Lord so now you loose.

But whosoever harkens to me (Wisdom) in sincere trust,
To dwell confidently and securely in understanding must,
Seek me early and diligently otherwise you will not find,
Then fear, dread and evil will consume your heart & mind.

As discretion watches over you understanding shall keep,
All those of integrity whose path is blameless and complete,
Success is securely built upon the use of all biblical tools,
Those who fall by the wayside are self-confident fools.

Let you heart hold fast the commandments and live,
Godly Wisdom and Knowledge to others you may give,
Are you resentfully envious or jealous of an unscrupulous man?
Discernment, comprehension & interpretation you’ll not understand.

The perverse are extremely disgusting and detestable to the Lord,
Soon to be cut in half by the righteousness of a two edge sword,
Strangers and false teachers will try to rob you of strength & wealth,
Never forget that the wicked one who deceives is a master of stealth.

Only drink fresh running waters out of your own well,
Never give another the opportunity from your infidelity to tell,
Jealousy’s a mastermind capable of bringing down any stronghold,
Avoid temptation so your tent you will never have to fold.

A worthless and wicked person is one, whose mouth is always perverse,
They steal and hide treasure in secret to keep it stored upon the earth,
Forgetting such is an abomination and in the end the Lord shall curse,
When you end up residing in the depths of Hades, what is it actually worth?

24: 10, “If you faint in adversity your strength is shall, ”
Not height or weight but our heart determines how tall,
66 books in the bible and close to 800 thousand words,
Yet none is more educational than the Book of Proverbs.

by Luke Easter

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