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Second Chance
RJB Res John Burman (27th October 1942 to 'Not Yet! ' / London, Middlesex, England)

Second Chance

For a second chance is what he asked and what he's been given for the pain of being without him is far worse than actually me being hurt by him its only been a cpl of weeks yet i feel like I've known him forever......when i am with him it feels unexplanable that's why when he hurt me it hurt so bad I've learned in life everyone deserves a second chance even though you feel they dont at times.....But Life is too short to dwell on the past even though the past may hurt you just grow and move on so as he asked i gave him the chance to possibly hurt me again bc my affection for him just won't let me slip away from his grip he is my poison I can't live without like a feind I'm lost his touch is like pure passion i just hope i am not making a mistake because if so they're wont be a third =.=

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Oh I am so glad I did not miss this poem. You hit on one of my household's sticking points and made a very readable poem from this dilemma. I loved reading this thanks.
Though provoking poem, poets write poem not for readers but for the hearts! A 10.