(july 27 1994 / California, but move around a lot.)

Book With A Story(Happy/Thought)

I live in a book full of empty pages,
constantly searching for a writer.
Iv been all over the world,
stuck on shelves with other stories,
causing the shelf to be tighter and tighter.
I was jealous of the other books,
with their adventures and glory.
Till a lone writer saw me,
He freed me from the tight bookshelf,
cared for me and kept me for himself.
He was a writer,
and he said inside me, was a story.
He rote about himself,
and of the adventurers we had.
The feeling of the quill on my pages mad me smile.
I no longer was a sad empty book.
When the writer placed me back on the shelf,
the time i had endured without a story felt worthwhile.
The other stories couldn't help but look,
at how i stood tall and proud,
waiting for someone to read my new story.

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Comments (3)

Creative and Clever, I see the consistency of this in your poems. It's not hard to see
I've looked at some of your poems. you are very talented. i invite you to read my new one called boy to a man. its a true story
The idea was BIG and Creative....What can i say, i never thought the content of this poem will be this HUGE, i expecting this was good one but it just Better :) ..Keep writing it sounds so Creative! ! ! ...........Unwritten Soul