Visit a home and see tons of books
There lives an avid reader
A fervent reader resides
Passionate and eager to learn
Pages full of information, wisdom
Books on shelves, tables,
by the lounge chair
Books belonging to the poor,
middle-class, rich folks
If you walk into a house with
no signs of a book
Run fast, hop on your van
Chances are, you might find an
expensive pair of sneakers, earrings
and things that are
Secondary items and okay to have
But not at the expense of trading
them for familiarity
Awareness, acquaintance, knowledge, proficiency

by Ana Monnar

Comments (5)

When I visit people in their homes, I love to look at all the things they have escpecially their books. I hope your poem encourages others to do the same. It is very rewarding and enriching.
Great call to the 'Books', its actually amazing to learn what our friends read and share or learn from and with them. When I was a little girl my mother made me give my books away, I used to hide my favorite ones under my bed...They are all gone now...She changed my bed too :) ~
i love this poem because it shows that a lot of information is stored in books and thierfor if someone dont page the books, he/she will be poor with information. I love the poem because it shows that the was a strike of inspiration before it was composed.
Like you, I like to visit a home with books and explore them. I look at the pictures on the wall too.
Well, well, that's a good take on books because I love reading a lot. Just for that, I'm going to post my old poem, 'Books, Books, Books, ' back on this website. You show some creative writing here.