Books Are No Friends

Poem By Aprajita Rana

Books are known as man’s best friend
This is because their friendship never ends
You don’t know what secrets it stores
Behind those colorful close doors
Then how can you say
A man is never lonely without books?
I swear
To me like a best friend they never look!
If it tells you its mystery
It’s boring
If it doesn’t
Then your friend is not caring.
We should call them
Storing machines
Cause that paper craft
Are useless without human beings.
Let’s not believe in those old myths
And see the truth
As unlike human friends
Books have no deaths.
Let’s do things as I say
Cause when we’ll die
Surely books won’t cry
But your best friends will
So stop believing
In those old myths

Comments about Books Are No Friends

Yes books are no friend, i agree why? every nice story and a dish of fried potaoes....... have an end so these are not friends Aprajita Rana nice poem 10

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