Boolean Checklist

The shuffle of conception
    veils intent behind promised order
            until every umbrella-opened mind
                  cries out for truth, the liberator, sleep.

Surrendering misplaced trust
      proves the natural sequence remains
            behind the reptilian empire, ancient
                  wealth, eugenic lies, mechanical time.

I tap once for yes and twice
      for no, yet no matter where I shall go
            elements of control box-in my soul
                  using microchip, camera and satellite.

A jump, knock at my door!
      I answer; the answer cries out in you,
            our friendship, the cosmos of wonder
                  ablaze in the open glow engulfing me.

by John Weber

Comments (1)

What interesting ideas here; I admit reptilian empire is not a new idea for me; nor eugenic lies. I love the last stanza; 'knock at my door! I answer; the answer cries out in you', it seems to be one of those perfected things that rise to the occasion just when most needed; it adds an incredible sense of the mind's being the last frontier to the words of the poem.