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Boom Boom Shaka Shaka
TH (23-09-1969 / Vellore)

Boom Boom Shaka Shaka

Poem By TheBigThinkg Human

He says:

Love is neither physics nor chemistry
Life's original unsolved mystery
Depth of my heart in an unknown center
Deceiving the mind, Love enters

Beyond my control, I find
Love for her torments my mind
She doesn't love me is immaterial
My love for her is real.

I say:

What is there in love..?
None can explain it anyhow..
It's just attraction, fascination and infatuation
To satisfy the needs of copulation.

Love is simply a mind sore
If u don’t get her, try one more
Grapes out of bound are simply sour
Chase her not; forget that whore..

He says:

She missed her notebook in our class
I found it and returned to that lass
My eyes met hers and it sparked
Blowing out pieces of my heart

Boom Boom Shaka Shaka
Boom Boom Shaka Shaka
Explosions in my every cell
Love turned me into an empty shell..

I say:

Love is a disease of the idle mind
Get out of your foolish bind
To explode in your every cell
Is your body an oil well?

How did u get this stupid bug?
Hey common, u need to unplug..
Is there no cure or work around?
You are illogical and unsound..


'Excuse me ' - I hear this sound
'Who is it..? ' - I turn around
Can you help me to locate this address, says she
Here resides my fiancée

Those fluttering eyes play on my nerves
Her pointed nose pierces my self
Her shining teeth shatters sight
Her body curves simply ignite

Boom Boom Shaka Shaka
Boom Boom Shaka Shaka
Explosions in my every cell
Love turns me into a burning well.

Morning breeze brings her fragrance
Smiling flowers tell her eyes effervescence
Milky coffee reminds her skin-color
On my white-rice plate, her teeth flower

I see her even in the washroom
Standing in the corner as tall and slender broom
As I watch her, hours melt away
Someone kicks on the door to get their way.

My mind says she is someone's wife
But this painful pleasure cuts like a knife
A mystery poison or potion of magic
Love, I realize, is blind of logic.


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