Vernal Observations

The forsythia cascades quiver
No breeze blowing any where else?
Gazing, again, ah the blossoms
A goldfinch constructing her nest!

by Elizabeth Alexander

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Don't mind Hardy. Just had a look at 'Panthera'. 'Untroublously' captured attention.
The definition of contemplation- -or rather... musing. We sit there by the old man/woman we will become and think solemn thoughts and even if written down, they fade away from the conscience of mankind.
Very interesting and enchanting. A reminder of those olden days when one book, one character, one ideal carried us through life.
There’s an honesty in this, it seems to me, in what is a meditation on the fleeting nature of tastes, of fame. And with Service I say, what does it matter if I myself find value in it. -GK
Enchanting expression with nice penmanship. Interesting to read over and over again. It has justification for selecting in POD.
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