Snuggling With You Tonight

Waking up a while ago my dear
all I've felt is sadness through and through
with deep amounts of frustration too.
I just stayed lying here missing you
for the longest while,
feeling sad as I so long for you
and frustrated that I can't reach out and talk.
And now as I plan to get up I just want
to sit back with you and snuggle so close and tight.
I love and miss you Kira dear and want
to be snuggling with you tonight.
I love you so very much and will always be by your side.

As I get up to go out and sit and watch some NetFlix babe
I don't know what to eat or if I even will
because I don't feel like cooking right now at all,
plus all I crave is frozen solid just making sad frustration worse.
I love you dear and just want to hold you near
so we both can be happy and okay.
I am worried about you dear and I'm in despair,
I want us both to just feel happy and at peace
as we are snuggling through these nights.
I love and miss you dear my Angel true
and just want to hold you my sweet best friend
I hold so very dear.

As I get up to just go lay down on the couch
and try to enjoy my shows I'll dream of holding you
and us snuggling through this night,
I'll be praying in my heart for you to feel me there
with all my warmth and love,
as in spirit I hold you close giving kisses so sweet
and full of tenderness straight from my soul and heart.
I'll be praying that we'll be in each others arms so soon
because I have faith and trust in God,
and may he bless you so deep that you will know
that your Michael is pure and true in all my
dedicated faith, love, trust, and care for you.
I love you babe and miss you so because you are my Queen so good,
feel my heart Kira as it calls to you and know I'm always yours.

by Michael P. McParland

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Luo, such an inspiring poem...10+++