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Boots Painted Green
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Boots Painted Green

There were days when it rained mother's milk
When the nurturing ground made men insane
And they ran screaming down schizophrenic streets
To be placed in electric solitary chambers
Diagnosed infected with Tourette's
Screaming for liberation redemption
When women ran free of their bonds
Screaming and laughing down bloodied roads
Streaming the guilt of their parents behind them
When Crazy Rosie stopped staring and spoke
And her words were clear as gold
And she was the wisest in the world
When all the trees and animals plotted away
And snapped up those who carved their meat away in hate
To bake them in bread or eat them for supper
When silent children leaped on desks
Readying themselves for the teacher's wrath
Still shouting 'Plum cakes! Plum cakes! '
As they were dragged to the principal
When politicians were beautiful
With rocky smooth faces and sweet eyes
Full of honeyed wood
When the moon shone and said
'Real men never die'
And the sun shone and yelled
'Teddy bear make-up! '
When all was at peace
And all was at war
When racing men
Were slow as snails
There were days when it rained mother's milk

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