(04 October 1943 / Germany)

An Open Letter To God

Dear God
Thank you for your invitation
to join you in Heaven
sometime in the future

But, before I accept
I wish to query it

There’s someone I know well
He Idolizes you
And, worships you
Almost all day and all night

Guessed, who?

But, he doesn’t obey each and every tenet of yours
Ofcourse, you’re the one and only God - etc.
But, I mean...
He doesn’t seem to believe in
the one to do with his family and friends
he’s harsh and mean to - especially them
Charity -for him - certainly doesn’t begin with
those close to him
Whereas you say it should

He thinks this highhanded behaviour of his
and his constant worship of You
Will definitely
get him into Heaven
Will it...?

I’m worried
You see
I don’t idolize you
I don’t honour
worship or obey you
And, yet I had hoped -
that being a somewhat
decent and
a rather reasonable person
One day, I’d get a place in Heaven

But, if he’s accepted as he is
I decline

I decline
the invitation
to join your club

Yours sincerely,

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I'm loving your new poems Herbert! Even though I tend to agree with your mother....... :) Nice one. Sincerely, Mary