Border Easement

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

It was a simple barricade,
Arabic letters, exclamation marks,
a hot, oppressive wind, pregnant
with stinging sand and camel dung.

Passport control in hands so filthy
they stained the paper in the heat
with grease and dye of purple.
'An Infidel', he uttered to the other,

'A German, though, what do you know? '
A closer look at all the visas, stamped
and stuck inside the pages, then a look
of consternation, perhaps of sadness.

'I see you have not been to Israel,
it is a good and pleasant finding,
a sign which will improve your situation,
say, would you have a photo with you

of that great leader of the world,
who died so early, through circumstance? '
I was perplexed and asked with worried eyes,
that's when he raised his arm, saluting Heil.

Comments about Border Easement

Just wanted to add to my previous comment... I Loved the poem. There are a lot of parallels between the Nazis and today's militant Islam. I find that very discouraging... and frightening. This poem draws these parallels out most poignantly.
OK... I hate to get political on a poetry site, but this poem just begs for it. This month we're witnessing Israel fighting for it's survival against Islamic terrorists backed by Syria & Iran and cheered on by the entire Islamic world and large segments of western society. Anyone who believes that the conflict is over Israel's control of a tiny piece of land that makes up less than 1% of the middle east needs to view this website. http: //
Could not get anymore true and powerful!
Powerful and entrancing!

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