JS (26-06-1988 / Decatur, Illinois)


Stab me [once again]
With cherry-lipped syringes
Inject emotion designed
To disguise the opiates
The curls of your blonde hair
Are knotted and stuck
In my throat
But you wouldn’t
Shut up to save my life

Push me backwards
Just beyond your limits
I have no taste for my own

Rewind these brown eyes
Strip the paint of mere pennies
And plant another flower
For all the injustices of the world

Mute, cold bitterness
In bright, bold colors
Unzip the denim of raw truth
Button down words weaved
Between strands of cotton
You’re topped off with
Snow white intoxication
And I’m heavy with a lust
That cauterizes my spine

I bite down
On the softness of your skin
I still recall the rhythm
Of your oceans
I miss lying beneath the moon
With your hand in mine
But I know better now

Today you taste of copper
Today you taste of shattered dreams
And broken hearts

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