The so called Traders:
Ignited us with the fire of 'Divide and rule'
In those days...
Leaving the blood shed riots at the borders till date!

by Queeny Gona Click to read full poem

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If not, pay tribute to Constitution; Upholding Unity in Diversity! .....nicely Penned
An insightful depiction of diverse ethnic groups pitted against each other by self leaders fuelled by putrid sludge of iniquity, nicely written with conviction. Thanks for sharing Queeny and do remain blessed.
indeed d seeds to rupture has run too long thanx too a few selfish brutes....
You pack so much meaning into a few sentences. I feel your living pulse, beating heart and It's your gift. And, I wanted to let you know again how much I enjoy your strong pulse and a beating heart writing. It's a gift I am left awestruck by.
The very Problem seen all over the world. Nice work.
'If not, pay tribute to Constitution; Upholding Unity in Diversity! ' - Very well said!
Well penned against the policy of divide and rule, against those who divide people and nation for their selfish end.
Struggles for peace and unity are universal. I love how your mind works and feel like a brother in the struggle for a world of cooperation and love rather than competition and jockeying for position. Thank you.
Congrats on getting poem of the day, well done.
Striking. But my ignorance leaves me without full understanding of the situation there. I am sorry for that. My immediate thought is that it must be a civil unrest sort of thing - bringing oppression some how. If so then I am sorry for that too. Lovely poem...
Lovely piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with a call for Universal Brotherhood of Man. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.
Hurrah! I belong to Andhra Pradesh, I am from Telangana, I love Telangana and know that injustice has been done to that part of the state. Yet, I don't feel disgusted about this political hungama of statehood as none is committed to it yet they wag their tales for their games and again! A smash poetry! Love this one!
that was the fiendish strategy.......a good poem///
good one.. portraying the history and present and realising the fact that we learn from the history that we dont learn from the history. good short poem... loved it..
Is not this rat race for position? If not, pay tribute to Constitution; Upholding Unity in Diversity! -------------------------- wonderful lines!
I fully agree with you Queeny. Your reference to the British Colonial regime, who inculcated in us their selfish strategems is very appropriate.
The poem depicts a sad reality of this region, the subcontinent...10/10. Best Wishes. Naseer