Bored And Sad

It's boring and sad, and there's no one around
In times of my spirit's travail...
Desires!...What use is our vain and eternal desire?..
While years pass on by - all the best years!

To love...but love whom?.. a short love is vexing,
And permanent love's just a myth.
Perhaps look within? - The past's left no trace:
All trivial, joys and distress...

What good are the passions? For sooner or later
Their sweet sickness ends when reason speaks up;
And life, if surveyed with cold-blooded regard,-
Is stupid and empty - a joke...

by Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov


Comments (4)

Are you upset at everything?
Very deep! Life can be sometimes sad and empty. And in such moment the mind can create something like this, I feel you.
Really deep. Life can be sometimes empty and boring. Nice poem.
I feel I've read better translations of Lermontov