Bored To Death

Flip! Flip! Flip!
Turning the pages of a book without hesitation
Reading the first line all over and over again
Trying to understand its meaning but words cannot be found
For the mind's travelling to another dimension

I turned the tv on and watched the evening news
With a cup of coffee that I could sip on
But all I saw was the universe's emptiness
Dark and wide, and nothing to grab on its wilderness

I picked up my phone to see any new messages
To see if someone remembers and cares for me
But all I saw was emptiness again
No one cared, no one remembered, no one bothered
I tried dialling the numbers of my friends
But no one dared to answer my phone calls

I went outside to find a good place
A place where I could kill this loneliness
I entered in a bar, full of people enjoying the beat
They were laughing, drinking, and dancing in a heat
I looked around to see some faces I knew
But couldn't find them here and there

So I just went back home
Slammed the door
Turned the music on
And turned the lights off
I slid my body under my blanket
Grabbed and hugged my soft pillow
I closed my dreary eyes
And a sad smile curved on my lips

by Myla Rose Gigante

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