Poem By Kathlene Ann

The feeling is common but temporary.
Or is it? Is life what it seems?
People yawn and laze and complain.
People say they've nothing to do.
They sigh until a breeze of sighing breathes flows,
Lulling through our world.
But I am tired, so tired.
I'm tired of love and let-downs.
And I'm Tired of this boring life.
I'm tired of caring and being cared for.
I'm tired of fake smiles and false reactions.
I'm tired of my continuous, repetitive and predictable life.
Like a book who's ending I have read,
Life's ending is no surprise.
Waiting for death is a long, boring task,
Which all are condemned to face.
No twist is important, no plot turn significant once life comes to a close.
So I wait, bored, for eternal sleep to finally claim me,
Only outwardly conforming to fit the standards,
Just one of many sitting in this lonely waiting room we call earth.

Comments about Boredom

Very well expressed poem! But just hang in there, life will become interesting, I promise... Good job!
But don't forget: all of this is in your head, and nothing is permanent.
Well penned, points to fonder! Thanks for sharing,10.

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