Born Empty

Sitting at home,
another long night.
Still all alone,
it doesn't feel right.

Like something's not here,
but I don't know what.
Having this fear,
I can't solve it with a cut.

Searching until I can't feel,
and the emptiness is unbearable.
Is the missing piece real?
Nothing is comparable.

Comparable to this longing,
for my second half.
I feel no belonging,
why can't I laugh?

I want to forgot it all,
this won't pass.
This isn't something small,
I see it through the glass.

Why can't I get through?
I feel completely lost.
What is it, or who?
There has to be a cost.

Wasting my life away,
always searching never found.
Every single day,
Just looking around.

Maybe I was born empty...

by Everlasting Nightmare

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