' Born, For Better Things... '

We Were Not Born To Be Buried
We Were Born, For Better Things
We Are Living and Loved Human Beings
We, Are More Than Mortal-Machines

We Are Exceptional Art
Sacred-Science Parts
We Are Beautifully Made ………...... (Ps.139: 14)
Supreme-Technology, Top-Grade:

… Camera Eyes, Cable Limbs
Computer Brains, Cardio-Gems
Flexible Muscle, Fantastic Skin
Finger Dexterity, Memory-Film

Classic-Bones, Red-Conoco-Fluid
Consciousness, On A Copper-Super-Conduit
If Only, We Could Stick To It
But, We Just Can’t Seem To Do It …

Tho’ Immune System, Is Self-Repair
We Climb, Then Crawl Back Down DNA Stair
So, Why Do We Break Down,
‘Til We’re Below-Level Ground?

Why Do We Just Stop?
What Is It, We Got? …
“It’s That Termite, Parasite – Sin! ”
That, Our First Human Parents, Let In

It’s A Seed-Sickness, Can’t You Tell?
Yet, Jesus Said, “Faith, Can Make Us Well”
Don’t Argue/Ignore, What Top-Doc Prescribed
He Diagnosed It … He Came Down and Died …

To Create For Us, A Rare-Blood Cure
To Get Human Beings Back Pure
On Spirit Meds, Courtesy Of The LORD
Charged, On Holy Company, Credit-Card

For, We Were Not Born To Be Buried
We, Were Born, For Better Things
We, Are Living and Beloved Human Beings
Made In The Image Of Eternal Kings! …

Written & ©: 4/2/10

By: The MoonBee

by MoonBee Canady

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