Born Form Personification.

Whispers floating my mind, whispers are talking to me
Telling me what to do and how to feel
Making of point of things so unreal
Letting me know how they think, letting me hear every word

Whispers know my every move, whispers show me everything
They are right there from the first day, but they won’t be leaving me today
Endless emotions of struggle, envious of my every word
All that is spoken about and all that is gone
Every letter ever said every breath even taken

Whispers are right here, speaking in all their might
Whispers are right there, talking the entire night
No longer do I have an opinion created by them
No longer have I felt I have the right to know
I just don’t want to know

“Stop it” I tell them constantly, but they just ignore
Every word I speak, everything I say
Devoured by adore

They love me; they are beings on my creation,
They are always there for me, beings of my creation,
They care about me, beings of my creation
They lie to me, caring for my being
They protect me, caring for my creation
They are me, born form personification.

by Polly Klomp

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