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Born From A Bottle
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

Born From A Bottle

Poem By Not Long Left

There was no candles,
there was no plan,
there was no love,
just dirty minds and eager hands.

behind a dirty, sick stained bin,
sordid passion and drunken sin,
the journey began,
no time to get a name,
all faces seemed the same.

the unlovers went seperate ways,
but as the days went on,
she knew something was wrong.
life was forming from her
unfinsished insides,
from then on you was forever despised.

born from a bottle, and a luckless lust,
a tight skirt and bulging bust,
such intimacy entwined in drunken trust,
a beautiful angel hated with disgust.

a new life stole her life,
her life, stole your life,
and the other half of this torrid tale,
well he had found a wife,

born from a bottle,
27 years later died from the bottle,
fate throttled hope.
and choked out chance.
tonight in clubs many girls dance,
the men glance,
a life will end,
as a new one begins.

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Comments (2)

Very powerful poem Vincent. sincerely, Mary
dear vincent, i love these lines: ate throttled hope. and choked out chance.