Born Into The Wrong Circumstance

We were lucky for to be born since the gift of life comes to us by chance
But do spare a thought for the babies born into the wrong circumstance
The children of poor parents of the poor side of the town
From where they live 'tis surely a long hard road to renown
Born of disadvantaged parents where poverty seems a natural thing
Of the praises of a poor person you won't hear too many sing
Without money in your pockets you are not welcome anywhere
And there are millions of paupers in the bigger World out there
Disadvantaged by birth circumstance and by their postal address
Such things most would be employers never do seem to impress
The disappointment of rejection can lead to a life of crime
And like their parents before them destined to serve prison time
Our gift of life which came to us by chance for us a lucky day
Though millions of homeless people may not see it in this way.

by Francis Duggan

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