NS (June 13,1951 / Holland)

Born On The Rock

As I contentedly lay back in my dory,
with my arms lazily outstretched
I feel Peggy's Cove's cool breath,
and the fine mist of the ocean on my breast

God's hand came down from the Heavens long ago,
to fashion out this paradise for man
And as I draw in the intoxicating aroma,
of baked beans and bacon, it was to the cabin I ran

Grandma was in the kitchen,
and Grandpa was in the back chopping wood
If I could spend the rest of my life in Newfoundland,
there is no doubt in my mind if I could

With all its magnificence and glory,
the good Lords work must be praised
For this Island I have called home for so long,
this land where I was raised.

By Nick Sym
For my wife and her loving family who
are all islanders.

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